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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Addressing Budget Delays in Nigeria
Eme Okechukwu Innocent, Okeke Martins Ifeanyi
Pages: 1-11
Analyzing and Investigating Administrative Court of Justice’s Qualifications in Invalidating the Governmental Regulations
Hassan Baradaran
Pages: 12-22
Status of the Principles of Criminal Law in the Statute of the International Criminal Court
Milad taherinezhad Ladari, Mehdi Esmaelii
Pages: 23-31
A Comparative Study of Waif Decrees in Islamic Religions and Iran’s Law
Abbas Najafi
Pages: 32-43
A Comparative Study of the Ideas and Thoughts of Ibn Miskawayh Razi and Khajeh Nizamolmolk Tusi on the Relationship of Ethics and Politics
Yusef Hasaninia1*, Mohammad Jvad Tabatabayi 2
Pages: 44-53
Investigating the effective factors on forming and developing crimes among children
Masoumeh Hasan Abasi
Pages: 54-61
Elitism, Local Governance and Development in Nigeria
Okeke, Remi Chukwudi
Pages: 62-72
Aristotle's Justice Theory
Parisa Ebrahimpour, Alireza Golshani, Hassan Malaekeh
Pages: 73-80
A Comparative Study on Iran’s and Turkey’s Foreign Policy Approaches to the Syrian Crisis 2010-2011
Shiva Jalalpoor, Nasrollah Fakhr Majdian
Pages: 81-86
Review Of A Final Decision As Part Of The Correct Legal Process
Valentina Memini
Pages: 87-95
Domination Cultural the West and The Impact It On Culture Iran Islamic
Habibalah. Safi Poor, Lena Abdolkhani
Pages: 96-106

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specialty journal of politics and law
Issue 2, Volume 5, 2020