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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
A Critical Study of Ayatollah Fayyazi’s Idea of Divine Essence
Hamed Razeqi Fam
Pages: 1-11


The problem of Divine Essence is one of the most significant issues discussed in Islamic philosophy. In the debates of theology in the special sense the philosophers begin with the demonstration of God’s existence and after it they continue to discuss the affirmative and negative divine attributes. One of the negative attribute of God is his having no essence. This Divine Attribute is closely related with Divine Simplicity. The philosophers contend that contrary to the contingent beings who have essence God does not have any essence (quiddity) in the particular sense of the word. Professor Fayyazi believes that according to rational proofs (including the proof of the distinction of God from other creatures and the originality of the Divine and inconspecuity of the truth of Necessary Being) God like other beings has an essence in the particular sense and the reality of having an essence is not an exclusive property of the contingent beings. The current essay reflects on the proofs of professor Fayyazi and concludes that these proofs are not flawless and cannot demonstrated God’s having an essence.

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