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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
A Review on the Designing of Bushehr Port Commercial Center for Revitalization of its Past and History
Ali Adnani
Pages: 1-8


Coastal cities and harbors, through the high potential they have, can play a crucial role in economic prosperity as well as social activities of the countries. However, the lack of proper planning and initiatives for sustainable spatial development of these areas is a problem some harbors are facing with. In the current analytical-descriptive study, the Bushehr harbor as one of the most important harbors of Iran which has numerous potential capabilities and facilities, was evaluated and it was revealed that unfortunately, today, its historical role is not the same as before. Therefore, by studying the different parts of the shoreline, one area was chosen for designing a harbor for linking trade with social interactions. The aim of the resulting plan, besides consideration for economic improvement, has been the increase in the social interactions as well as optimal use of the shore's body.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
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