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international journal of business management
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
A study on the economic policy of the Mamluk Bahri findings and Berry) differences and similarities (846 -329H.q)
maryam sheipari1, Marziye Fadavi2, mohammad Azim hosseinbor 3
Pages: 27-35


The world of Islam in the seventh century AD, witnessed the rise and fall of the Ayyubids the Mamluks in Egypt; Therefore, one of the most important periods of the history of Islam is leaving the Mamluk era, an era when slaves and fighters, using military capabilities could with the expulsion of the Crusaders from the Mediterranean and prevent the encroachment of the Mongols in Egypt and the Levant, political sovereignty and international seize Mediterranean East and trade and economic relations and to monopolize. At the beginning of the Mamluks and Kipchak Turks than among the northern Black Sea coast and later came the Mongol refugees and people of other races; Often, Greeks, Kurds and Circassians and sometimes even number of Europeans among the population and minorities were proprietary. At the founding of strength, Mamluk Baybars and his successors was the protégé, how was hereditary succession just the first step of the government, Bahri Mamluks were called in between( 846-487)the ruling. Baybars using ideology and diplomacy have political ties and the subsequent exchanges and trade and economic relations with European countries and with other regional powers to establish and maintain This is due to the strategic location of Egypt and the Levant, the Mediterranean ring interface between West and East, was considered to be strong. The second rule of the Mamluks. Kind tower or Circassians called Mansour Qalawun with the strength and power that separated themselves from the navy branch and by relying on the force of Circassians could take power, began, and how the power of the strongest power. In this period because of the absence of formidable foes, economics and business was booming double and conquered Cyprus, which became more spreads between security and trade routes) 487-329 (ruled 329 years coincided with the invasion of the Ottomans in Egypt were This paper is to analyze and study the political and economic situation Bahri Mamluks and go and study the impact of business activities and policies Mamluk rulers; similarities and differences tens findings economic policies they express findings

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