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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
A Survey on the Religions of Christianity and Islam: Observing Management Structures
Elham Mohammadi Machiani‎
Pages: 1-17


Man has been able to decipher his universe and the world with the help of science and ‎philosophy to a great extent, throughout his adventurous history of evolution on earth. ‎Religions with a history of more than four thousand years have been along with ‎human. In this research, Islamic and Christianity religions have been premeditated and ‎the results suggest that the existence of common misconceptions among extremist ‎Muslims is one of the factors that makes them free to commit crimes and violence and ‎it brings lawful justification to their violent actions. Of course, extreme Muslims, to ‎deal with violent acts and to justify their actions in a way, consider these beliefs as ‎right and they bring about reason and evidence and rationalize these reasons for their ‎violent acts, including misconceptions that can have bad outcomes and, certainly, so ‎far, bad consequences have not been less. Also, the reason for the superiority of ‎Christian religion over Islam is that Christianity, in comparison with other religions, is ‎more about establishing a close relationship with God than with religious ceremonies, ‎creating this relationship is the result of Christ's effort and the services of the Holy ‎Spirit in the life of believers‎.

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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2020