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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
An Assessment of Property Development Problems in Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria
Sadiq Tukur, Joyce Jonathan, Jamilu Shehu, Ibrahim Sabo
Pages: 40-46


This study investigates on the problems of Property Development in Gombe Metropolis. The aim of the study is to assess the problems and the severity of the problems affecting property development in Gombe metropolis with a view to increase the level of awareness among professionals and the end-users. The study adopted a quantitative research Approach, descriptive and exploratory research design was used, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to professionals (Architects, Builders, quantity surveyors, estate surveyors) both public and private practice and registered with their respective regulatory body (NIA; NIOB; NIQS, NIESV, and others). Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the data obtained. The findings revealed that, the problems associated with property development includes; Low consumer purchasing power, high cost of building materials, Inefficiencies in customs and port administration, Unpredictable and weak policy framework, Poor management practices and low entrepreneurial skills. The problems with severe effect on the property development are Poor/low quality products, Limited access to finance, High import dependency of the nation’s economy, Complexities in the legal framework, Unpredictable and weak policy framework and High cost of equipment and working capital. The research also recommended that: Government should sustain collaboration with operators of private sector investors and organizations by providing adequate incentive and the needed enabling environment to stimulate and foster the economic growth‎.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2019