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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Analysis of Landscape Ecology Metrics of Mehriz City during 2002-2010 by Approach of Land Cover Changes Study
Ghasem Zare Bidoki1*, Ahad Setodeh2, Anahita Rashtian3
Pages: 52-68


Landscape is an arrangement with combination of locational ecosystems or land usages in a region with repeated similar form. Ecosystems naturally have face with various changed in their successive proceeding which usually has consistent and calm nature according to system structure and type of changes. The surveying land cover changes has serious role in environment management and planning. Therefore, the present study aims on analysis the landscape ecology metrics in this research such as number of patch, area, cover percentage, total edge, edge density, the mean patch size, and Shannon diversity index. The analysis of the obtained metrics from satellite images in 2002-201, it was indicated that gardens usage class area has significantly decreased, and human-made lands usage, green spaces, and planting trees have significantly increased.

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