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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Analysis of the Factors Influencing Success of Participatory Technology Development (PTD) Project(A Case Study of Honam Watershed in Lorestan Province)
Mahshid Bahadori1, Mohammad Chizari*2 and Khalil Kalantari3
Pages: 12-26


Participatory Technology Development (PTD) project was one of the elements of the comprehensive management plan of Honam watershed that was performed in collaboration with ICARDA to improve the livelihood resilience of poor farmers in the Honam watershed area. The purpose of this study was to analyze factors affecting success of Participatory Technology Development (PTD) project in Honam watershed of Lorestan province. This study was conducted as a survey research. Statistical population consists of187 farmers in the project which126 people of them were chosen as statistical samples through simple random sampling; and finally 114 questionnaires were collected and analyzed. In experts’ section of theproject, 78 people were selected through census and eventually, 67 questionnaires were collected. Face and content validity of the questionnaire was assessed by six professors in agricultural college of Tehran University and Tarbiat Modares University; and its reliability was between 0.87-0.91. The results showed that the factors in farmers’ section included four factors of “individual-technical empowerment”, “effective communication with farmers”, “self-esteem”, and “consideration of indigenous knowledge and experiences” which generally explained 69.52% ofthe total variance of the factors; as well as the results of experts’ section suggested that four factors of “the improvement of participatory communications”, “emphasis on participatory learning development in different stages”, “indigenous knowledge”, and “changing the role of individuals in the project” explained 61.67% of the total variance.

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