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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Analysis the Relationship Between Strategic Information System Effectiveness and Entrepreneurial Orientation For Some Telecom Firms
Ali Abdul-Fattah Alshaher
Pages: 24-37


Abstract: Information System plays a strategic role in building a entrepreneurial orientation , particularly in the communications sector which is based on information. As the strategic information system effectiveness assessment is an important issue for the organizations as information system have become critical for their survival. Thus, This study aimed to analysis the relationship between strategic information system (SIS) effectiveness and entrepreneurial orientation (EO) For Some Telecom Firms. To achieve the study goals ,data were collected by constructing a questionnaire. The study society consisted of (31) representing from the firm departments in the firms of Asiacell, Zain and Kalimattelecom and The data were analyzed using SPSS 16. The study results showed that the effectiveness of strategic information system a role in building and supporting entrepreneurial orientation For Firm. Thus a positive relationship is between them.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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