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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Applications of Quantum dots in Cancer Treatment
Jazib Ali, Ali Raza, Ahtasham ul Hassan, Saad Ullah, Umer Nadeem.
Pages: 1-4


Today in the field of medical science, cancer has become the most discussed and most concerned subject. Due to the increasing death rate all over the world researches nowadays are mostly based on finding some cures for cancer and also understanding the causes of cancers. Quantum dots are the nano-sized crystals used for imaging and therapy of cancers because of their striking characteristic of high photobleaching resistance. Quantum dots (Qds) proved to be more successful various cancer imaging followed by therapies. Multicolor Qds could be used to detect multiple markers at a time. These crystallized nanosensors with more enhancements and more efforts could be made an accurate source for cancer treatment, in the form of drug carriers and photobleaching protection agents. They are also capable of certain toxic effects that are yet to be understood to overcome. Once proved to be more successful they would also be made available for medical treatments at affordable costs.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
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