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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Cohort Study of Application Taxi from 2015‎
Reza Bayat, Mohammad Tallogh
Pages: 25-28


Application  taxis emerged to improve damaged structure of transportation system the first private Application taxi in ‎Iran obtained it's permission in 2015.‎ Because of comfortability, price, quality and security these taxis are growing fast.‎ Application based taxi finders like other phenomena have advantages and disadvantages. One of the most‎ important advantages is security, drivers within this system are intensively supervised, passing instructional classes and ‎identity recognition. Since driver's level of income depend on their polite behaviour, the score they get by the ‎passengers customer satisfaction is highly regarded here. As a result this leads to public and general supervision. On the ‎other hand the main disadvantages include software and hardware threats as well as customer identification by using ‎different methods. In fact Application taxi could be considered as means to the right of determining destiny by ‎people. Therefore from this point of view they are considered as useful systems‎.

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international journal of business management
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