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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Critical Analysis and Adaptation of Load Bearing (Resistance) Ability of Curve Engineering Member in Designs
Asha Saturday*, Akao Samuel, Agbadah Solomon Eze, Marcus Anakuagbo Dickson
Pages: 22-30


Engineering design is made functional and durable by applying some engineering considerations such as material selection, availability, formability, besides the geometric shape orientation that is considered in this paper. Many designs especially the world class cars in the automotive industries, aircraft and aerospace technology use shape as basis for designing with consideration for fuel economy and speed. This also is / could be applied in structural engineering and mechanical components for load resistance ability. Geometric shape orientation becomes significant by considering the load resistance ability of the flat or straight beam and a curve beam of the same material – using solid Work 2014 verified with the well-known Hooke’s law of elasticity. ??=?????????? is the relation for the investigation. Studies revealed that curve beam has high stiffness, K ,(N/m), than the flat under a point (P) load 1200N. Verification conducted using Ansys Workbench with mild steel, the curve and the flat bars have equivalent Von Mises stress of 1.8799×106???? and 1.3092×107???? respectively and total deformation of 9.6896×10−6 m and 2.2582×10−7 m respectively. Therefore, besides the consideration for conservation of space, geometric curve orientation should be adapted when designing for a load carrying member in Engineering designs and systems where space is not a constrain.

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