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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Degrees of Divine Knowledge According to Prophetic Traditions
Ali Akbar Nasiri, Vajihe Kool
Pages: 1-7


Divine knowledge is one of the most complicated and disputed issues in the domain of theology and philosophy and its investigation is of particular importance by Islamic philosophers and theologians. Prophetic traditions suggest that God is of an essential knowledge that is absolute and unique and no one can have access to the Lord’s deep essence as well as his absolute knowledge. God’s comprehensive knowledge of everything, non-hierarchicality of divine essential knowledge, contradiction between God and His creatures and non-unity of the Knower and the known are among the characteristics of divine essential knowledge. Traditions of Holy Imams (peace be upon them) do also prove another knowledge for God. According to these traditions, beside His Essential Knowledge God has another knowledge called Actional Knowledge that refers indeed to Divine Action. Hierarchicality is one of the basic features of Divine Actional Knowledge. Actional knowledge of God is of heptafold levels. Every realized phenomenon is one of the heptafold levels of Divine Action and Knowledge. Providence as the first and most important level of Divine Knowledge and Action has an important role in the creation of creatures by God.

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