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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 4
Design and Implementation of on-Street Smart Parking Circuits Controlled by an Android Application
Soleyman Nezhadbasaidu, Hengameh Keshavarz
Pages: 1-6


With the expansion of urbanization in today's world, transportation plays a crucial role in sustainable urban development. Meanwhile, with the advancement of technology and its significant impact on improving human life, smart transportation systems are one of the requirements of urban development and of the infrastructure of a smart city. These increasingly expanding and developing systems with their technological base increase productivity and safety of transportation. As such, the provision of a suitable place for car parks is one of the essential needs of a developed city. On the other hand, with the increasing number of cars and consequently the size of parking slots in metropolises, it is impossible to manage them without the use of new systems in practice. In this article, we will design and construct an on-street smart parking system based on GSM, GPS, and Google Maps using the Android app. One of the special features of this project is the online booking system and paying the cost of parking, as well as displaying road surface temperature information using the Android app, which will improve productivity. In addition to other benefits, a quick and accurate diagnosis of occupancy or being available of parking space in a practical implementation indicates the capability and proper efficiency of the proposed system.

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