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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
Designing A New Model and Solving the Workshop Scheduling Problem with Batch Processors and Incompatible Jobs
Saeed Akbarzadeh, Mohammad Saidi-Mehrabad
Pages: 1-13


This research studies the problem of the scheduling machines with the incompatible jobs, taking into account transition-related sequencing, limitation of access, and early and late penalties. The work is assumed to be available at zero time and also classified into several groups. In the issue examined, interruption is not allowed. In this research, minimizing the total amount of early and late penalties is considered to be related to the time. A mathematical model was proposed for the question first and then a genetic algorithm was used to simultaneously optimize early and late penalties and finally, to test the performance of the proposed algorithm, a number of sample questions are produced and solved in a variety of sizes. The results of the meta-heuristic algorithm solution are compared to the results obtained from solving the mathematical model, which compares the performance of the proposed algorithm.

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