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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Designing Pulse Oximeter with the Ability of Measuring Temperature and Sending Information
Mohammad Langri, Sobhan Mokhtarieh, Mohammad Mahdi Mir Emami, Hesam Aldin Varpaei, Chiako Negahdar Panirani
Pages: 1-9


This paper examined pulse oximetry as a widely used medical tool. The advantages and disadvantages of this method were discussed compared with other methods of oxygen meter. Ultimately, a pulse oximeter prototype have been designed, so that it could measure the body temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation. In addition, it could send and archive information via WiFi to PCs and smartphones. One of the advantages of this method was that it increased the processing maneuver on the signal, allowing for much more information to be obtained from this signal. Sending patient information to the device was done wirelessly to reduce the side effects of Motion Artifact and the damages to the device due to patient movements. On the other hand, patients` information could be sent to a central server so that nurses and doctors could have access and keep the track of patients` information.

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