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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Development, Quality Evaluation and Acceptability of Green Tea ‎from pawpaw, Utazi and moringa leaveas
Onyekwelu C. N., Oragba N. C
Pages: 26-34


Green tea was developed using pawpaw, utazi and moringa leaves blends. Samples were blended in the following ratios pawpaw-utazi-moringa: 100:0:0, 0:100:0, 0:0:100, 50:25:25, 25:50:25, 25:25:50 designated as APA, BUB, CMC, PUM, UPM and MPU respectively. Proximate, mineral and phytochemial composition as well as sensory properties of the formulated green were investigated. The result showed that the moisture content ranged from 6.0 to 14.0% ash 9.11 to 11.30%, fat 2.70 to 3.41%, protein 22.36 to 39.45%, fibre 9.50 to 18.00% and carbohydrate 35.37 to 43.32%. The result revealed that a significant difference existed among the samples. The calcium, iron and sodium contents of green tea samples varied from 22.04 to 84.16mg/100g, 18.00 to 90.83mg/100g and 17.55 to 31.oomg/100g, 18.00 to 90.83mg/100g and 17.55 to 31.00mg/100g respectively. Flavonoid ranged from 3.80 to 6.30% while tannin ranged from 0.25 to 1.25%. The result of the sensory evaluation showed that sample CMC (100% moringa tea) was most accepted by the panelists when compared to the other green tea samples. It was concluded that satisfactory adult tea can be produced from the leaf blends of pawpaw, utazi and moringa leaves‎.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2020