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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Students in Nigeria
ODIA J.O., ODIA Agnes Anuoluwapo
Pages: 30-40


The paper examined the impact of entrepreneurship education (EE) on the entrepreneurial intention (EI) of undergraduate students in the University of Benin, Nigeria using the theories of Ajzen’s planned behaviour and Shapero’s entrepreneurial event model. The sample population was made of 273 students from the Departments of Accounting and English & Literature (E & L) in the University of Benin. The data was analyzed using percentage analysis, independent t-test and binary logistic regression analyses. The study found that most of the students would like to start their business after graduation although E & L students had higher EI than accounting students. The entrepreneurship knowledge of most interest to both students were business plan, start-up business, finance and networking while the key entrepreneurial motivations to them included high profile entrepreneurs, family member entrepreneurs and media coverage respectively. Moreover, the EE curriculum has moderate effect on the students’ EI. The results from the logistic regressions indicated that EE and subjective norms have positive and significant impact on the students’ entrepreneurial intentions whereas the interaction effects of attitude, subjective norms and perceived behaviour control are significantly negative in the EE-EI relationship. The paper concluded that entrepreneurship education as being presently conceived in the University of Benin has not affected significantly the entrepreneurial intentions of accounting and E& L students. The implications of the results and recommendations for educators and university management are highlighted.

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international journal of business management
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2020