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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Environmental Risk Assessment of Sugar Industries Using the EFMEA Method and Providing Environmental Management Solutions
Parisa Dadgar, Parna Eskandari Payandeh
Pages: 129-141


Risk assessment approach is one of the main pillars of deploying and deploying management systems in organizations. Management systems that are integrated today into the health, safety and environmental management system. Organizations are able to meet the requirements that lead to an error prevention approach. Sugar and Sugar Industry are one of the oldest and largest sugar production units in the West Azerbaijan region. These industries are one of the main energy-consuming industries in the food industry and also have potential environmental aspects. The method of this research is a qualitative method aimed at identifying and assessing environmental aspects and environmental risk management and providing effective and practical preventive measures to reduce or eliminate environmental risks in sugar factory activities using the method (Analysis of failures and errors and their effects on the environment). The result of this assessment indicates that out of 29 plant activities, 104 environmental hazards have been identified in this industrial unit, of which 23 / 44% Environmental aspects at a low risk level of 42.31% at a risk level of 13.66% at a high risk level It was accepted that the control measures and corrective 58/60 of environmental aspects at the level of low risk, 54/36% in medium risk and 88/2 percent were at high risk. Finally, based on the comparison of the results of the risk assessment, the presentation of effective strategies‎.

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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
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