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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Evaluation of the Effects of Ground Motion Parameters on the Response Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Spectra
Elham Rafiei, Vahid Ahmadi Malayeri, Hamidreza Ghaem Maghami
Pages: 9-20


The dynamic response of structural system depends upon the frequency content of ground motions. The response spectrum also as a function of the natural frequency is not a direct representation of the frequency content of the excitation, but rather of the effect that the signal has on a system with a single degree of freedom (SDOF). The design response spectrum provides the engineers with an envelope over the happened and anticipated earthquakes to analysis structures. Thus, most building and seismic codes produces such spectra which has not considered the effects of all ground motion parameters. In this regard, this study aims to consider the effects of the epicentral distance, soil classification, and the type of faults on the design response spectra; acceleration, velocity, and displacement spectrum. 79 records from the PEER strong-motion database has been selected through three groups; 20, 21, and 38 records and normalized to the peak ground motion parameters. Then the acceleration spectrum has been compared with the one obtained from ASCE and Standard No. 2800. The results showed that in most frequency domain, the spectral acceleration response obtained from this study does not fully conform to the spectrum of the codes.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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