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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Evaluation of tourism climate comfort in order to attract more tourists
Shler Katourani, Chia Sohrabnejad, Jahede Tekyeh Khah‎
Pages: 1-9


Sanandaj is ready for tourism industry considering all aspects by having ancient and enduring culture ‎consists of tribes, ethnic groups, and climate variability, historical, cultural and natural attractions. But one of ‎the required information for tourists to travel is climate conditions of the destination, namely tourist chooses ‎a time for travelling when the climate conditions are favorable. The climatic conditions that the tourist is ‎interested in are temperature, humidity, radiation and air flow and these climatic conditions factors provide an ‎index called comfort in relation to the reaction of human to thermal environmental conditions that all these ‎factors must be considered altogether. The study area has the ability to attract and attend tourist in national ‎and‏ ‏international level due to the Zagros Mountains, vegetation, local winds and latitude. Therefore, in this ‎article, using climate data from weather stations, first meteorological parameters, hydrological phenomena, ‎summary of regional climate based on various climatic methods (Blair, Gorsczynski, modified koppens, ‎Goussen, silyaninof, Domarton, Barat, Emberger and the best climate in the region were studied and ‎determined, and then climatic conditions of Sanandaj city were evaluated based on tourism comfort climate, ‎to identify the best times and provide the tourists. According to the conducted studies in this area, the best ‎time for tourists in which they can be physically and mentally in comfort is from late May to late October. ‎Generally, it can be said that 6 months of the year has comfort climate conditions for recreational programs in ‎the city of Sanandaj‎‎.

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