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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering
Volume 1, 2018, Issue 1
FEM Simulation of Earth Dam and Comparison of Results with Field Monitoring
Fatemeh Amiri Ramsheh, Mehdi Amini
Pages: 1-10


Based on the importance of the dam construction industry as well as the large investments made in this regard, the location of these dams, which is sometimes located in the vicinity of cities or infrastructure, is necessary to ensure the safety and sustainability of these structures more than before. In this paper, various sections of the tools and tools used in these sections are mentioned. In the following, the performance of the instrument system in the earth's dam has been studied and a comparison and interpretation of the results of various instrumental readings has been undertaken. Also, the comparison between the field test results of the instrument and the FEM simulation has been implemented. Based on the results, it is observed that the difference in the numerical modeling results and the field observations of the instrument is negligible and is about 2%. Differences in the results of total tensions are significant. The results of the numerical analysis are much larger than the actual results of the instrumentation. Assuming that the tensile instrument has functional accuracy, the interpretation of this difference is due to the phenomenon of arc in the core. The tensions are transmitted to the lateral embankment and the reading rate is reduced. Finally, the performance of the tool in determining the pore water pressure has also been somewhat acceptable.

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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering
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