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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering

The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following fields:

Mineral exploration (geophysics, geochemistry, GIS and remote-sensing, economic geology, geotechnics),Mine exploitation (mining methods, blasting, transportation, ventilation, mine design and planning, rock mechanics, tunneling), Mineral processing and comminution, Environment (Environmental pollution control and remediation technology, transport and fate of pollutants in the environment, environmental problems associated with mining and mineral processing activities, tailings and waste dumps management, reclamation, biotechnology), Hydrogeology (hydrogeology of surface and underground mining, mine water, dewatering and rebound), Petroleum exploration, petrophysics, well logging, drilling and reservoirs geomechanics, Geothermal resources

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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering
Issue 2, Volume 2, 2019