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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
Healthy Lifestyle from the Holy Quran and AHL Al-BAYT (Peace be upon them)’s Points of View
Malihe Sadeghi, Abbas Ashrafi
Pages: 1-10


Living style and life is examined, when it comes toa lifestyle. One of the most important and influential aspects in public culture is Lifestyle that manage our lives and help us to understand and distinguish of the meanings of behavior.We can prepare an ideal and logical life with piety and contentment.Lifestyle or style of living reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.Habits, attitudes, tastes and standards of moral and economic level and etc. make the way of life of a person or group that is said lifestyle. Research Target: Healthy Lifestyle surveying fromPoint of view of Quran and The Infallible Imams Research Methodology: The research method is librarystudy. Findings and conclusion: Quran and The Infallible Imamsare the most of important Islamic lifestyle patterns that can be found a healthy and correct life with following them and Stay away from these patterns is associated with human astray.Islamic lifestyle does notmeaneating and ordressing like Infallible Imams, But Prohibitions and obligations should be leave and accomplish, respectively. Basic criteria of Islamic lifestyle are faith and good deed.

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