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international journal of business management
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Identify the Factors Affecting Failure of the Private Sector in the Port of Khorramshahr in Iran
F. Shori, H. Yousefi, D. Razmjooie, A. Deriss
Pages: 30-37


Recent economic problems in developing countries such as uneven and unbalanced economic structure, weak capacity to attract investment and inflation prompted the methods adopted for economic growth in countries like Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and son on to be revised. Some of these methods include the development of infrastructure, very high rates of savings and investment and increase domestic production named. But the new ideas it suggests that to improve the situation of countries, according to the private sector and expand the scope of its action, the basic points. The purpose of this research and identify factors affecting private sector failure in Bandar Khorramshahr. this study was conducted with the purpose of application and in terms of data collection and descriptive information of the type of work, the Student t-test analysis method using the SPSS software and the factors affecting successful failure the private sector at the port of Khorramshahr, identifies and reviews, and in the end the influence factors to the reduction occurred. On the research of library procedures, direct interviews, questionnaires, and the Internet to collect information and to identify the factors that influence of face-to-face interviews with experts from the public and private sectors of the two expert. The results of the research indicate that it is a failure on the political and economic obstacles to the private sector at the port of Khorramshahr was influential, in addition it was found that the performance of the private sector on the lack of success of this section on the site of the port of Khorramshahr transition impact.

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international journal of business management
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