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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Instability in Downtown Khorramabad
Forouzan Biranvand
Pages: 1-10


Urban centers are also considered as the most important urban element influenced by the urbanization of modernism with profound transformations. In their social and economic dimensions, a large set of problems were created for these areas. In Iran, due to rapid physical growth, the influx of immigrants, lack of planning and, most importantly, the ineffectiveness of policies and methods in dealing with urban centers, as well as the lack of attention to the role of these centers in promoting social, economic, physical and ... Urban, problems and problems of urban centers have appeared more severely. This inattention, not only the urban centers of most cities in Iran, including Khorramabad, has caused the deaths of urban living spaces in unusual hours and days, but also a decline in the quality of the social environment, an increase in the process of physical degradation, a loss of balance between social welfare and economic efficiency (In the interest of economic efficiency) and, in general, the decline in the quality of urban life, and the city center, which is the heart of the city and the engine of any city, has been ineffective, functional, social, and so on. In the present article, these disturbances have been investigated in Khorramabad city center and the proposed solutions have been proposed.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
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