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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 2
Investigating and Offering a Novel Pattern for Codifying a Comprehensive Book on Holy Quran and Islamic Teachings Instruction in Planning a Lesson for Getting Familiar with the Holy Quran Reading in Country’s Islamic Azad Universities
Hossein Pirakeh
Pages: 7-17


The Holy Quran is a profound and enormous sea. Pondering over the endless ocean of the Honorable Words of the God provides for the quarry of the brilliant spiritual pearls. The celestial book’s teachings are many; thus the sciences that enable solutions and approaches from this great book are also numerous and pithy. The investigation of the holy Quran and making efforts to stylize the holy Quran teaching is an important and huge task. The present article deals with the survey as well as offering solutions for a better and more effective teaching of the holy Quran. Thereupon, teaching holy Quran in various study fields such as memorization, proper reading and reading, concentrating on and acquisition of the Holy Quran sciences (the stances of the Ayat revelation, interpretation and paraphrasing etc.), paying heedful attention to the lesser gravity of the holy Quran, to wit Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them), the ones who have been introduced by the God’s Apostle (may Allah bestow him and his scared progeny with the best of His regards) as the collaterals to the holy Quran guiding and navigating Islamic nation, are among the important cases of staying attentive to the holy Quran teachings and providing for a greater enjoyment of the revelation teachings.

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