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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Investigating the Different Layer’s Risk and the Resilience of Petrochemical Industry Supply ‎Chains and Its Function in the Analytical Model
Mohammad BahramiSeyfabad, Ahmad JafarNejad, EzatollahAsghariZade, HananAmoZad, SeyyedHosseinRazavi
Pages: 143-160


The present study aimed at investigating the risks of various layers and the resilience of ‎petrochemical industry supply chains and its function in the analytical model. This study was ‎developmental in terms of purpose and of descriptive- mathematical models in terms of ‎method. In order to test the model, 50 senior and middle managers from 9 Iranian ‎petrochemical companies were examined to rank the resilience of risks in the companies they ‎were working. In addition, the scoring of risk and resilience of upstream, organizational and ‎downstream processes of these companies was examined. The research tool allowing the ‎respondents to assess the level of risk in the supply chain was derived from the Wagner and ‎Bod’s model (2008). In this study, the research tools were updated based on risk grouping. In ‎addition, the items associated to the evaluation of supply chain resilience in this study were ‎defined based on to the supply chain resilience criteria to the items of stability, redundancy, ‎high-thinking, reaction, and recovery efficiency being regarded the same for all three ‎processes. Since the variables had a various frequency distribution, in this study the threshold ‎levels of Tabachnick and Fidell (2007) were used, such that 0.32 was equal to weak, 0.45 was ‎appropriate, 0.55 was good, 0.63 was very good and 0.71 was excellent. The results indicated ‎that although a supply chain system may have a higher resilience than its risks, its layers may ‎be still at risk‎.

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