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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
Investigation of Surface Absorption of Mercaptan from Gas by Mezo- Pore SBA-15
Nader Olad, Bijan Ghanavati
Pages: 32-40


Selective adsorption of sulfur compounds is one of the most widely used methods, the most important advantages of this method are the desulphurisation reaction at low temperature and pressure, which reduces the cost of refining operations. In this study, SBA-15 mezo pore absorbent with co-precipitation. different methods such as: ICP, BET, XRD were used to check the physical and chemical properties and the absorbent action to remove gas-Iso propyl-mercaptan (IPM). Various experiments were carried out to remove the mercaptan gas by adsorbent discontinuously. Then, the effect of effective absorption parameters such as temperature, contact time, and initial gas concentration were studied. The maximum absorption was achieved in condition, contact time is 50 minutes, and temperatyre is 298 k, With, initial concentration of 500 ppm. For determining the most suitable absorption isotherm, Temkin, Langmuir, Freundlich adsorption isotherm have been studied. The relationships between Freundlich Temkin, Langmuir isotherms for adsorbents were investigated. The result of this study showed that isotherm temperature with Langmuir is more consistent with experimental data (R2 = 0.99). The results showed that the adsorbent have a good ability to remove Iso propyl mercaptan gas.

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