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international journal of business management
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Leadership-Motivation Relationship: The Local Government Experience in Nigeria
Professor Egwu. U.E.1, Ugbomhe .O. Ugbomhe2, Osagie Nosa .G2, Joel Nwachukwu3
Pages: 98-102


This study examined the components of Leadership and motivational behaviours and how the application of these components in the Local government system can bring about effective management in the system. The review of literature and framework of analysis not only formed the basis but also provided justification for the study. The research made use of documentary data obtained from books, journals, newspapers, government publications and online materials and used content analysis technique to analyse them. Based on the information generated the study revealed that the application of motivation and leadership behaviours will transform them to a world class center of administration. The implication is that the absence of idealized influence poses a major challenge to them. The findings made validated the objective formulated. In concluding our discussion of findings, our analysis so far has revealed that the overwhelming influence of leadership and motivation which are lacking in the local government system in Nigeria.

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