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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 2
Magic and Religion
Solmaz Jalali Shoure Deli, Zahra Jalali Shoure Deli
Pages: 1-6


Magic is an old element that is the product of human thought with empty hands and simple tools. Humans used it in disaster and it has long prevailed in the public culture of human society. Study of the history of religions suggests that belief in magic and witchcraft existed in parts of the life of people of that time. And the same beliefs get stronger in times of crisis and despair of life of people. It can be said that human somehow was seeking to achieve prosperity. And one of the factors that led humans to the magic and witchcraft is seeking bliss. In addition, recourse to actions and matters that are specious and have non-scientific theme, was more common when the society went towards religious superstition and divine intervention, and the like and as a result the market of witches and wizards was hot. In this descriptive-analytic paper, it can be found that with the emergence of religion, humans accept that there is a power above all the powers that is the reason of all the effects and human can change his tendency from magic and witchcraft to religion.

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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
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