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international journal of business management
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Mamluk Bahri from start to finish) Case Study of Political History of the Kings (846-487 AH)
Maryam sheipari1, Marziye Fadavi2, mohammad Azim Hosseinbor3
Pages: 43-52


The world of Islam in the seventh century AD, witnessed the rise and fall of the Ayyubids the Mamluks in Egypt; hence one of the most important periods of the history of Islam is leaving the Mamluk era; An era when slaves and fighters, using military capabilities could bump the expulsion of the Crusaders from the Mediterranean and prevent the Mongols in Egypt and the Levant, political sovereignty and international Middle East to take and trade and economic relations and to monopolize. At the founding of power; the Mamluks of Baybars and his successors were developed; how the succession Inherited the first phase of the government, the Bahri Mamluks were called and between) 846 -487 (the ruling. Baybars using ideology and diplomacy have political ties and the subsequent exchanges and trade and economic relations with European countries and with other regional powers to establish and maintain . This is due to the strategic location of Egypt and the Levant, the Mediterranean ring interface between West and East, was considered to be strong. This study aims to bring the history of kings and Amirah basket of the Mamluk dynasty kings of the navy's investigation.

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