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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Nano-fluid turbulent flow analysis using computational fluid dynamics
Mahmood Shahba, Asghar Rezaipanah, Ata Salari, Mohsen Irandoust
Pages: 37-44


Given that the use of nano-fluids has increased in heat exchangers and since the flow regime in heat exchangers is often turbulent, justifying the effectiveness of using nano-fluids requires studying the nano-fluids turbulent flow. Analysis of nano-fluids steady flow, containing water-based fluid and aluminum oxide nanoparticles AR, AF and AK, has performed in developing and fully developed turbulent flow, in the pipe with a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 30 m by Gambit and Fluent software. After examining the independence of numerical results from the network, the results of numerical modeling were compared with the experimental results and given the consistency of numerical results with existing relationships, created model was used to study the nano-fluids flow. In this study, the impact of the type of nanoparticles on the parameters of nano-fluids flow in turbulent flow regime has been thoroughly investigated. Of the three aluminum oxide nanoparticles of AR, AF and AK, the nano-fluid, containing the aluminum oxide nanoparticles of AF, has the greatest coefficient of friction, pipe wall shear stress, the viscous drag force and pressure drop and nano-fluids, containing aluminum oxide nanoparticles AR, has the lowest ones.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
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