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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Pamban Rail Bridge – A Historical Perspective
J. Delphine Prema Dhanaseeli
Pages: 18-23


Bridges are built to span physical obstacles for the purpose of providing way over the obstacle. Pamban Railway Bridge connects Rameswaram town on Pamban Island with mainland India. During 1600–1800, trade flourished between Pamban, Rameswaram and Sri Lanka by using large boats and small ships. The boat mail was the only train which connected India and Sri Lanka very closer. The Pamban Railway Bridge was opened to traffic on 24 February 1914 and it was the only link to Rameswaram till 1987. Though the cyclone of 1964 destroyed the bridge, within very short period the railway engineers renovated the bridge and continued the service. This paper makes an attempt to highlight the features of hundred year old historical Pamban Rail Bridge‎‎‎.

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