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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Pathology of the Art of Mesgari in Kerman Bazaar
Najmeh Falsafi
Pages: 35-45


Kerman Mesgari is the most prominent art industry that has deep roots in the culture and history of this land; and has a wide range of diversities. Mesgari bazaar in Kerman was an important element in the production and meeting the needs of people’s lives in the past; but due to different reasons, it has changed in different periods. Today, a few number of people are actively working in this field while the number of them is decreasing day by day because hard work, insufficient income and tolerance of hardship relating to this kind of art has been forced them to work less or leave their work; however, there are some people among them who are still working with love and continuous effort. In this regard, a research has been done studying this art from a pathological point of view, the challenges that coppersmiths are facing with, the determination of current needs for further developing of this art as well as recognizing elder artists in this field and presenting some solutions for solving these problems.

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