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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Pathology of the Epistemological Barriers to the Evident Recognition of the God from the Perspectives of Allameh Ja’afari
Javad Nazari
Pages: 1-11


The recognition of the concept of God as documented in the firm proofs dates back to the history of mankind and the classification of the human beings to three groups, namely the believers in the God, the deniers of the God and the doubters in the God, is a historical proof indicating the issue that nearly all mankind perceives the concept of the God but the factors giving rise to the denial and doubting of the God’s existence by the two latter groups in regard to the evident recognition of the God can be figured out through the pathology and research on the epistemological barriers and evident recognition of the God. Thus, according to the importance and the position of the discussion with respect to the epistemological issues, the present article attempts to investigate the possibility of gaining an insight into the concept and essence of the God and indicate the epistemological and cognizance barriers based on perceptive and philosophical perspectives of Allameh Ja’afari 8 and a conclusion can be drawn that, in order to be able to achieve an evident recognition of the God, the mankind should be stripped off two types of veils as the substantial origin of the other concealment types barring the evident recognition of the God: 1) Veils resulting from the actual deviations like sinking in sins; and, 2) Veils resulting from scientific and superficial perceptions of the world of nature.

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