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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering
Volume 2, 2019, Issue 1
Petrography, Geochemistry and Mineralography of Volcanic Rocks in Sistanak Area (South East Qaen)
Hojjat Mahvelati, Iraj Rasa
Pages: 1-14


Sistanak copper deposit is located in the south-east of Qaen (South Khorasan), and in the east of Iran, geographically. Generally speaking, this area is located in the east of the central zone of Iran, one part of which is located in flysch zone and the other in the Lut block. Stratigraphically speaking, no stones older than the Jurassic Age were found in the area. Petrographically speaking, the volcanic stones of the area are divided into two groups of lava (andesitic and andesite-basalt) and pyroclastic (agglomerate and tuff). These stones fall in the class of calc-alkaline and high potassium calc-alkaline. Based on the chemical combination, these volcanic stones fall in the categories of andesitic and andesite-basalt. The main copper ores of andesitic lava contain native copper, chalcocite, malachite. Also, iron-oxide ores like hematite and goethite exist in the samples. Naturally, mineralography zone is located in the highest level of volcanic lava and the minerals exist in the outer layer. This indicates the epigenic quality of the resources. According to the geological and mineralizational characteristics, Sistanak copper deposit is probably a Michigan type deposit.

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specialty journal of mining and geological engineering
Issue 2, Volume 2, 2019