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international journal of business management
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Provide a framework for using of competitive intelligence, during marketing strategic decision-making process
Reza Molaei, Monireh Hosseini
Pages: 36-48


Due to competitive markets in various industries, organizations should have accurate information about their competitors, market and their customers to make right decisions at the right time with sufficient information. In this regard, in the present paper, we discuss the components of intelligence competitive products and how these products affect developing marketing strategy stages. In other words, we will look that in what stage of strategic decision-making markets, achievements of competitive intelligence can help organization’s managers. For this reason, there will be firstly identified processes and outcomes for the organization's competitive intelligence and steps of strategic marketing decision-making process by reviewing intelligence literature and citing examples of practical applications of competitive intelligence on successful organizations. Then, by preparing a questionnaire, we try to determine impact intensity of each product of competitive intelligence in any steps of strategic marketing decision-making process using opinions of organizational experts and managers and analyzing the questionnaires’ data. Finally, we model the correlation between competitive intelligence products with any steps of strategic marketing decision-making process quantitatively. Using this model, organizational managers can realize the importance and position of any competitive intelligence products in their strategic decisions.

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international journal of business management
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