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specialty journal of urban planning and development
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Providing Appropriate Intervention Strategy in the Central Context of Khorramabad City
Forouzan Biranvand
Pages: 10-22


The central part of the cities, with a variety of functions as well as a variety of functional levels, can be considered as the most important The area at the level of each city poses that due to its unique characteristics, it is usually embraced by a different social class. This section, which usually serves as the focal point for major urban activities, overcame several problems (exhaustion, traffic jams, and pollution). Environmental and ...) and solving its problems as one of the main concerns of urban management, especially in large cities. In this paper, while considering the characteristics of the city center of Khorramabad, we examine the limitations and facilities of this center, and finally, after introducing various approaches and methods of intervention in the central context of the city, we introduce an optimal approachs.

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specialty journal of urban planning and development
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