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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Reduction of Release Delay in the Emergency Data GTS Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Alireza Froozani Fard, Hossein Royat
Pages: 12-21


A set of wireless sensor network, composed of a number of sensors and cluster-head nodes and sink nodes, make decisions and implement them for the set of information collected from the environment using wireless communication. In present study, by entering the areas of wireless sensor networks and the GTS allocation, the emergency data GTS (EDG) algorithm, which programmed based on normal and emergency data, is investigated and a solution to the release delay improvement is proposed. The EDG algorithm has disadvantages in the area of emergency data transmission under the critical conditions: it causes an increase in the release delay in the sensor network. Thus, in present study, by implementing an appropriate threshold level and prioritizing the nodes of the first cluster-head, the high traffic of the network under the critical conditions can be controlled and the main release delay of the network can be reduced. Reduction in release delay results in reduction of the loss of emergency data in the network and increase of the network efficiency under the critical conditions. Finally, the comparison graph of the release delay and the main algorithm is investigated and the results are summarized.

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