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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Review and Validation of Correlative Analysis of the Geometric Parameters of an Automotive Master Leaf Spring Performance
Asha Saturday, Marcus Anakuagbo Dickson, Ayough Tanzaan Ezikiel, Odogwu Ugochukwu Chinedu, Bramah Abdullahi.O
Pages: 1-13


Considering shapes in designs does not only end in aesthetics and streamlining in aerodynamics, but also is a consideration of structural effects on rigidity, strength propagation in absorbing both the external and internal stresses due to the prevailing factors like impact, vibration, dynamic and static pressures. Streamlining is shelving the external pressures as to maximize fuel economy through loss or reduction of drag. The automotive main leaf spring is elliptical having two eyes characterized with width (w), thickness(t), span (l), radius of curvature (r) and made of steel material. A correlative analysis is conducted on these parameters using Pearson correlation coefficient(C) under a load (P) of 0.5KN by the application of well-known versatile Hooke’s law of elasticity with application of Solid Works. Two CAE knowledge based softwares –Creo Element and Ansys were utilized in this analysis to validate the results obtained from SolidWorks and statistical analysis. The statistical tool–Pearson correlation coefficient was employed and it revealed a positive correlation analysis of the Correlation analysis carried out with the simulation data, produced Correlation coefficients of 0.997539666, 0.988660899, 0.994500728,0.99721782, 0.996183593 & 0.999965163; showing a very strong correlation between the variables. Since the Correlation coefficient obtained is greater than the corresponding critical value of Correlation coefficients, at 5% and 1% changes which were 0.878 and 0.959; respectively, (under 0.1 tailed test of type1 error) for the correlation degree of freedom of 3, it follows that this research runs only 1% chance of being wrong in the relationship, so it is determined. Hence, it will be useful in leaf spring design. Results from Ansys Workbench also shows that geometric parameters have influenced on the performance of the leaf spring with the distinct values of displacement(δ), maximum principal stress and maximum Von Mises stress.

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specialty journal of engineering and applied science
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