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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
Seed Yield Evaluation and Association between Yield Components in Different Advanced Lines of Mustard (Brassica juncea L.)
Hafiz Saad Bin Mustafa, Tariq Mahmood, Ejaz ul Hasan, Mariam Hassan, Amir Hameed, Faisal Saddique, and Muhammad Tayyab
Pages: 8-13


Pakistan is spending a large amount of foreign exchange on the import of huge quantity of edible oil which is snowballing every year due to increase in demand and population. The present study was conducted to study the relationship between different yield related traits in advance lines of Brassica juncea developed through pedigree method of plant breeding. The yield performance of these advance lines was also evaluated during the experiment. Twelve lines were grown in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications during winter 2015-16. All the recommended cultural practices were used throughout the experiment. The data for plant height, days to flowering, days to maturity, branches per plant, seeds per silique, seed yield per plot and oil% was collected. The correlation analysis revealed that seed yield per plot was highly and significantly correlated with number of branches per plant and seeds per siliqua. RBJ-11008 and RBJ-12018 were produced significantly higher seed yield (2.21kg/plot) & (2.10kg/plot) respectively than the check variety Khanpur Raya. The present study has clearly indicated the need for giving due weightage for number seeds per siliqua and number of branches per plant for improving seed yield in Mustard.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
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