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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Selection of Elite Lines from Durum through Morphomatric and Proteomic Markers
Shoaib Khan, Murad Ali, Mohammad Nisar
Pages: 1-13


Exploration of landraces is beneficial to the modern agriculture, which broaden the gene-pool for the plant breeders and enhance crop performance. In this work we inspect the genetic variability of 104 local Triticum durum landraces collected from Malakand division through Agro-morphological and biochemical markers. High phenotypic variability observed in both qualitative and quantitates traits. Experimental field were designed for Agro-Morphological parameters planted at Botanical garden University of Malakand District Dir lower. There were no diseases found in all landraces. Correlation analysis revealed that days to germination was positive strongly significant correlated to the days to leaf emergence (DLE) and (DSE) days to spike emergence with (DLE) days to leaf emergence (0.637** & 0.699**) while 100 seed weight was significantly positively correlated with Days to leaf emergence (0.469**) and Seed storage proteins were detected through Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). The high level of variation was noted in B1 (0.90 %) followed by B13 (0.80 %), B5 (0.65 %), B12 (0.65 %), B2 (0.60 %) and B7 (0.60 %) polymorphism respectively. Similarly, B14 (0.20%) revealed low level of i.e. B10 (0.20%) B11 (0.25%), B9 (0.30%), B3 (0.40%), B8 (0.45%), B4 (0.50%), and B6 (0.55%). Similarly, results revealed that low level of variation was found in B14 (0.20 %), B10 (0.20 %), B11 (0.25 %), B9 (0.30 %), B3 (0.40 %), B8 (0.45 %) and B4 (0.40 %)‎‎.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2020