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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Semantic Analysis of the Word "Wisdom" with an Emphasis on Narrative ‎Sources
Hassan Ahmadnia, Abdolvahhab Shahroudi
Pages: 1-6


In prophetic traditions, wisdom has been widely noticed and it covers numerous ‎extensions. Then we need to study this frequently used term in prophetic traditions too. ‎Given the definitions that have been offered in the domain of mysticism, traditions and ‎exegeses of wisdomو‎ one can conclude that all these definitions have considered three ‎features to be necessary for wisdom; first, judgment, second, assurance and third, ‎knowledge of the truth of things. To make the semantic aspect of this term clear, we ‎need to recognize the term "wisdom" relying on the prophetic content. Accordingly, the ‎aim of the present research is knowledge and assessment of original Islamic wisdom ‎along with the narrative explanation. Therefore, in this study we first assay wisdom ‎from lexical point of view and then we consider the fundamental and basic meaning of ‎it in the light of exegeses and prophetic traditions‎‎.

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specialty journal of religious studies and theology
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