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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini, Mohammad Ziaaldini
Pages: 52-59


Abstract: Social entrepreneurship is one of the important and expanding dimensions in the entrepreneurship activities of industrialized countries of the world, which has a long history. Nevertheless, in our country, with regard to the growing tendency of institutions, academic centers and governmental and non-governmental institutions toward entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities, as well as governmental supports from individuals and entrepreneur groups to solve some of the old problems, such as unemployment and its malicious consequences in the country, unfortunately we are witnessing their overwhelming attention toward the economic category of entrepreneurship and neglecting the environmental and especially social dimensions of it. Although this may not create that much problem in the short term, it can be a problem in the long run. Hence, addressing the issue of social entrepreneurship and its role in sustainable development was of great importance.

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international journal of business management
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2020