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international journal of business management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Structural Modeling of Metacognitive Beliefs Affecting the Creativity of High School Students Farashband City
Mahboobe Ahmadi, Saeed Ahmadi
Pages: 95-105


Goal: the present research with the goal of structural modeling of metacognitive beliefs affecting the creativity of high school students was done among high school students of farashband city. Research method: research’s statistical population were all the high school students of farashband 330 of whom were selected by stratified random sampling. The used tools in this study were metacognition questionnaire by Wells and cartwright-hatton (2004), and Torrance test of creative thinking (1989). Their validity and reliability, was calculated and confirmed using variable analysis and chronbach’s alpha. Data analysis was done using structural equation method and Lisrel software. Results: the results of structural equation showed that metacognitive beliefs, is a positive predictive value of creativity in students (β=0.19, p>0.05). Conclusion: metacognitive beliefs are considered as one of the important tools in improving students’ creativity and it is suggested that teachers use these beliefs for increasing creativity of students.

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