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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Studying the effects of clay percent, the shear strength of cohesive sediments and flow hydraulic on the deepest equilibrium scour using an inductive approach GMDH
Mehdi Vaezizadeh 1 - Mohsen Irandoust* 2 – Navid Jalalkamali 2
Pages: 5-11


In this study, using self-organizing systems of Group method of data handling (GMDH), the highest depth of scour around bridge piers in bed of sticky soils is estimated. GMDH network is developed by back propagation algorithm. To train GMDH algorithm with the above-mentioned method, quadratic polynomial is used in the structure of GMDH. Parameters affecting scour depth include the initial moisture content of cohesive sediments bed, clay percent of the sediments, flow Froude number, and shear strength of the sediments of the bed. These parameters are also specified as algorithm input variables. Assessment of GMDH gives accurate approximation of scouring in the bed of cohesive soils compared with empirical relationships based on regression model evaluation.

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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
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