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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
Survey Safavid Brick Work Caravanserai Decorations in The Central Plateau of Iran
Hossein Aali, Mohsen Aali, Erfan Mohammadi, Ensieh Sadat Jalali, Parisa Mansour
Pages: 28-41


Tendency to show beauty and majesty in the human, arises from the beginning of artifact build ornate and beautiful. It covers Islamic architecture and decorative buildings. Decorative Islamic art, is one of the most important and effective component. The aim of this study was to investigate decorative brickwork at a number of sites in the central plateau of Iran's in Safavid period. In this article, we describe the decorative brickwork then dissolution of the decorations in the Safavid caravanserai in the central plateau, such as "Sheikh Ali", "Madarshah", "Moorchekhort" in "Isfahan" "Kenargard" in Tehran, caravanserai of "Ahovan" in "Semnan”, caravanserai of "Sadrabad" in "Qom" and the caravanserai of "Shah Abbas" in Karaj will be discussed. This research is descriptive - analytic. Research tools is athletics and library. Finally, by examining the structures and the tables of comparative studies concluded that these structures are a kind of decorative brickwork.

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