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specialty journal of agricultural sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Surveying the develop and promotion of organic farming to the view of agricultural professionals in Damavand city
Hoda Jazayeri
Pages: 28-36


The present study examines the surveying development and promotion of organic farming in the views of experts in agriculture of Damavand city. The purpose of this present study is applied, in terms of data collection, rate of monitoring and control of variables and the ability to generalize is descriptive – correlation which was conducted through a survey by using the questionnaire. Spatial and geographical scope of this study is in the level of Jihad Agriculture Organization expert l in Qom. In this study statistical population study consisted of the experts who involved in the vice of plant, deputy of Agricultural Extension and Education, Institute of Higher Education, Science and Applied Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Rural development of dependent to the ministry of Agriculture that the number were 320 persons; to sampling between the statistical population of stratified random sampling method which is obtained based on a sample size of 175 experts Morgan. In this study, two main methods were used for gathering information from the documents and the field. In the field of survey was used to collect information. Questions conducted by using the framework and research and research hypotheses, which was designed to determine the validity and reliability of the necessary reforms were carried out on it and the field of method was used to complement and fill it. To assess the validity of the questionnaire, 20 copies of it by the same statistical population was filled with the same statistical population. The completed questionnaires by using the software SPSS16 and was measured by the Cronbach's alpha method that alpha coefficient were obtained equal to 89%. The results of Spearman correlation coefficient showed that agricultural professions about the causes of educational / promotional, technical factors and the possibility development and promotion of organic farming, there is a significant correlation in the 1% error. 2 variables educational factors and technical factors were entered respectively into a multivariate regression equation by using the stepwise method; finally, the independent variables were explained the 32/0% of the variability.

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