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international journal of business management
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Technology, the key to survival in today's organizations
Anis Khaleghi
Pages: 58-66


It is a long time since the issue of technology in organizations and companies as been discussed. Although after the industrial revolution, the advent of machine was raised more scientifically, even before the introduction of organizations today, primitive societies' life was connected to technology in some ways. This is because human has realized the vital role of technology in his life and inspired by nature and by musing over it has always sought to create tools and ways to facilitate accomplishing tasks and to liberate from the cruel forces of nature. All human progress is due to technology. It can even be asserted that technology is the tool for ensuring human life on this planet. As mentioned, technology is an independent subject and does not depend on the existence of organization, but as organizations are structured to meet human needs in today's communities, the importance of understanding and deployment of technology at organizational level is essential to facilitate access to goals. Given rapid environmental changes, technology is considered as a key factor for the survival of the organizations. In this article, we have tried to assess technology of organization from the perspective of James Thompson. Technology refers to information, equipment, techniques, and processes necessary for turning inputs into outputs. Thompson believes that technology makes possible adopting the proper strategy to reduce uncertainty. In his view, there are three types of technologies for the organization against the environment, which we will introduce and discuss.

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